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Tube Laser Cutting

In addition to our flat plate laser cutting we now have the capabilities to cut a wide variety of tube. Our latest 12kw fiber laser is equiped with a specialised rotary fixture that is capable of clamping tube up to 250mm Diameter and lengths of up to 2700mm in a single piece. 

We have a wide range of trusted material suppliers so we are able to offer box section and tube in a number of different materials including: 

  • Stainless steel 

  • Mild Steel 

  • Aluminium 

More materials may be available on request. 

Being a manual feed rotary fixture it gives us the capabilities to produce small bespoke requirements through to large production runs at competitive rates. 

A video of the rotary fixture in action is below. Any questions or to discuss your requirements get in touch with our sales team. 

We Accept 

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Fax : 01709 821500

Tel : 01709 720480

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