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High pressure abrasive water jet cutting is a potential substitute for punching or plasma and laser cutting . One of the biggest advantages of this service is that the water jets inherit cold cutting methods . some thermal processes can cause surface hardening , warping and emission of hazardous gasses . Materials that are cut with a water jet undergo no thermal stress eliminating such undesirable results .

One of the biggest advantages of water jet cutting is the jets inherent col cutting quality . This allows materials to be cut that would normally be burned , melted or cracked by other cutting methods .  Another major advantage is waterjet’s ability to cut fiber-reinforced materials, reflective materials, uneven surfaces and stacked layers of different materials.

Since the mechanical processes take place on a microscopic level, the contents and surface finish of the material are not critical factors. Very thick metals demonstrate another advantage of waterjet technology.


  • Practically no mechanical, heat induced or chemical influence on the workpiece

  • Virtually burr-free cut edges

  • Practically all types of material can be cut from shim upto 200mm thickness

  • Faster than many conventional cutting tools

  • Bridges and separating parts of less than 1mm can be manufactured without difficulty from stiff materials

  • Even complicated contours can be cut

  • Low loss of material

  • There is no need for holes to be prebored (except in the case of sandwich materials)


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